Top Performing Stock Models

Guru Based on Annual
Partha Mohanram 14.7%
Dashan Huang 19.5%
Motley Fool 12.5%
James O'Shaughnessy 16.5%
Validea 11.1%
Pim van Vliet 16.4%
Wayne Thorp 15.5%
Martin Zweig 9.9%
Peter Lynch 9.9%
Benjamin Graham 9.7%
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Top Performing ETF Models

Portfolio Annual
Factor Rotation - Composite with Trend 12.6% 8.3%
Factor Rotation - Composite with Trend 12.5% 8.3%
Factor Rotation - Momentum with Trend 12.4% 8.3%
Factor Rotation - Momentum with Trend 12.2% 8.3%
Factor Rotation - Macro with Trend 12.1% 8.3%
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How Lessons from a Navy SEAL Can Make You a Better Investor

By Justin Carbonneau (@jjcarbonneau)

Navy Seal Jocko Willink is well known for his leadership philosophy he calls extreme ownership –the idea that, as a leader, the ownership of the outcomes starts and ends with you. Although this principle was developed in war, it can apply to many areas of life, including the world of investing.


Some Thoughts on the Struggles of Factor Investing in the Past Decade

By Jack Forehand (@practicalquant)

The long-term evidence to support factor investing is compelling. Academic work has shown that factors like value and momentum have produced an excess return relative to the market over time. Whether the explanation of that excess return is risk or behavior–based, or a combination of both, is the subject of significant debate, but there is little doubt that there have been premiums associated with factors over the long-term. But what occurred in the most recent decade was in many ways the opposite of what has happened over the long-term.
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Episode 12: The Pros and Cons of Trend Following

To say that the track record of market timers in general is dismal would be an understatement. There are so many factors that impact market returns that getting them all right is next to impossible. And even if you do, figuring out what is and is not already priced in can be an equally fruitless exercise. Despite the fact that forecasters have consistently failed to predict market turns, there is an option that can help to limit losses in major downturns and can be beneficial for some investors. Trend following has a long-term track record of both limiting major losses and reducing volatility. But like anything in investing, it comes with some trade offs. In this episode, we discuss why market timing is so difficult and take a detailed look at the pros and cons of trend following.

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Episode 11: The Pitfalls of Back Testing

Back testing is one of the most misused tools in investment management. Almost every back test outperforms the market, but those same strategies often struggle when run with actual money. In this episode, we discuss the reasons why back tested results often don't translate into the real world and talk about some things to look out for when evaluating back tests.

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Validea is an incredible valuable tool to have. I depend on it for much of my research to help weed out stocks for my portfolio designs. The filters used for stock selection are easy to use and comes with a detailed analysis as to the why each particular stock either passes or fails the test. The articles & blogs are a great wealth of knowledge too.

Eric J.
Financial Advisor
As a retail investor, I particularly value Validea’s top-notch research capability. With the deluge of investment commentary available via innumerable blogs, articles, FinTwits, white papers, podcasts, etc., the Validea team is one of my go-to sources to maintain some perspective on what's really happening.

Rolf D.
I am always checking my investment/trading ideas with Validea. I feel better knowing that any of the guru models they are following might also be on my side!

Urs K.

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