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Our Trade Alerts offer a series of high conviction guru signals based on individual guru strategies or combinations of strategies that, on average, have historically led to market outperformance over one, three and six month time frames.

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Historical Signal Performance

The performance of each of the 27 signals we follow since their inception in 2003.

Signal Name Average
Fisher, Fool 12.4%
Graham, Fool 34.3%
Motley Fool 8.3%
Lynch, O'Shaughnessy 24.3%
Fool, Greenblatt 7.9%
Neff, Fool 20.5%
Fisher, Greenblatt 6.3%
Buffett, Fisher 5.0%
Lynch, Graham 14.5%
Graham, Fisher 14.4%
Lynch 4.5%
Graham, O'Shaughnessy 12.3%
Lynch, Fisher 23.7%
O'Shaughnessy, Fool 11.5%
Graham, Lynch, O'Shaughnessy 11.4%
Zweig, Fool 22.1%
Warren Buffett 3.5%
Growth Earnings Revision 8.4%
Lynch Momentum 8.1%
Multiple All 7.8%
Lynch, O'Shaughnessy, Fool 6.7%
Consensus 5.9%
Multiple Strong 5.7%
Mohanram 5.6%
Graham, Greenblatt 10.6%
Fisher, Greenblatt 4.9%
F Score 4.5%