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Returns as of market close on 12/11/2019.

Validea's industry and country portfolios contain the highest scoring stocks according to our system in each industry or country/region.

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Industry Portfolios

Portfolio Return
Technology 15.7%
Consumer Non Cyclical 10.8%
Healthcare 10.4%
Insurance 8.1%
Bank and Broker 6.2%
Consumer Cyclical 5.3%
Retail 4.0%
Utilities 3.8%
Basic Materials 2.0%
Energy 1.6%
Transportation 1.0%
Capital Goods -0.5%
Services (Non Retail) -6.2%

Country Portfolios

Portfolio Return
China 5.4%
Latin America 4.0%
United States 3.1%
BRIC 3.0%
Canada 2.9%
Asia 2.8%
Europe -3.2%

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